Sacrament of Baptism

The parishes of St Brendan’s and St Michael’s are looking forward to welcoming your child to our community.

Baptisms are normally celebrated at 11.00am on the first Sunday of the Month at St Michael’s and the third Sunday on the Month at St Brendan’s.

Questions & Answers – Children Baptism
Code of Canon Law, #774 and # 872-874 & Catechism of the Catholic Church #1255 and #1311

1. What is the role of a Catholic Godparent?

To be a Catholic Godparent is an honour and an awesome responsibility. It calls one to draw even deeper into the heart of Christ to gain wisdom in guiding the spiritual life of the child in the ways of Christ and His Church. The Catholic Godparent(s), together with the child’s parents, must be willing to help the child being baptized to grow in love for Christ and for neighbours. By word and example, the Catholic Godparent(s) will encourage the child to live the Christian life and the Catholic faith and to fulfil faithfully the obligations connected with faith and life.

2. Does a Catholic Godparent need to be a Catholic?

• has received the three (3) Sacraments of Baptism, Holy Communion and Confirmation.
• is at least 16 years of age.
• attends Mass regularly on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation.
• is a registered member of a Catholic Parish.
• is not the parent of the child being baptized.
• has the manner of life in harmony with the Faith and the Role of a Catholic Godparent to be undertaken.
• If married: he/she is married by the Catholic priest/deacon. The current marriage is canonically valid and
recognized as such by the Catholic Church.
• understands the responsibilities of and assumes the obligations of a Catholic Godparent for Baptism.
• declares, by prayer and example, to encourage and instruct a child in living out the Catholic faith.
• testifies before God and God’s minister to the truth of what is stated here above.

In summary: The Catholic Godparent takes on the responsibility to be a role model and teacher to the child in the practice of the Catholic faith. Non-practicing Catholics are not in a position to fulfil this role, and they disqualify themselves from serving as Catholic Godparents. Again, Catholic Godparents must be faith-practicing Catholics.

3. If not a Catholic Godparent, then who is a Christian Witness?

If the person is a non-Catholic person, he/she cannot be admitted as a Catholic Godparent. However, if the non-Catholic person has a valid baptism in his/her Christian Faith, then he/she can be admitted and serve as a Christian Witness to the event of the Baptism.

4. How many Catholic Godparents should your child have at Baptism?

There are 3 choices:
a) ONE CATHOLIC GODPARENT (of either gender).
Either a Catholic GodMother or a Catholic GodFather.

b) TWO CATHOLIC GODPARENTS (One of each gender).
One is a Catholic GodMother, & the other is a Catholic GodFather.

c) ONE CATHOLIC GODPARENT (of either gender), & A CHRISTIAN WITNESS (of the opposite gender).
One is a Catholic Godparent, & the other is a Christian Witness as a witness to the Baptism Ceremony.

5. Do both parents need to be Catholic in order to have a child baptized?
No, there is no need to have both parents being Catholic in order to have a child baptized. It is sufficient that one Catholic parent is making a request for Baptism. However, the other parent, who is non-Catholic, should be informed, be happy and be pleased to have his/her child being baptized in the Catholic Church.

6. Why do we ask for the “maiden last name” of the mother of the child?
We follow Birth Certificate. Thus, her “maiden last name” is recorded in the Baptism certificate of her child.

There are two items required for Baptism:
• The child to be Baptised is to be dressed in white
• A Special Baptism Candle is to be supplied by the parents

Photos are allowed during the ceremony, though those taking photos are asked to be respectful of the Sacrament.
It is customary to make an offering of $50.00 to the Church. This can either paid at the preparation program or on the day.
Baptisms are required to be booked at the parish office before the application form is completed. Parish Office on 9550 3707 or

The Baptism Preparation program is held on the 2nd Sunday of the month, at St Brendan’s Church Annandale starting with Mass at 9.30 followed by a short meeting afterwards.  Parents and the  child being baptised required to attend.

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