Planned Giving Application/Renewal

Please complete this form to:

  • join the Parish Planned Giving program
  • change contribution method from envelopes to credit card
  • update your credit card details.

Contributions support many parish projects, such as the maintenance and upkeep of the Church and parish properties, the servicing of our debts, donations to worthy appeals, and caring for those in need .Our vision for the future depends not only on the human resources needed to provide our parish ministries, but also the financial support to allow us to achieve our potential. Our ability to achieve this will depend on the generosity of contributors to our Planned Giving Program.

We invite all those in our community to contribute towards the upkeep and growth of our parish and its facilities. All contributions to our Planned Giving Program are 100% tax deductible.

Parish Census/ New Parishioner Registration Form

  • For new parishioners to be entered on our Parish register.
  • To add/change your details (address, phone number, family members)

Baptism Application Form

Wedding Application Form:


Sunday 25 March- Passion (Palm) Sunday

St Brendan's - Vigil 5:30pm        Sunday 9:30am

St Michael's - Vigil 5:30pm          Sunday 8:00am

Tuseday 27 March

Communal Reconciliation (2nd Rite) 7:00pm at St Brendan's

Thursday 29 March - Mass of the Lord's Supper

St Brendan's and St Michael's 7:00pm

Friday 30 March - Good Firday

St Brendan's and St Michael's

Stations of the Cross - 10:00am

Commemoration of the Lord's Passion 3:00pm

Tenebrae (Evening prayer of Good Friday) - 9:00pm at St Michael's

Saturday 31 March - Easter Vigil

St Brendan's and St Michael's - 7:00pm

Sunday 1 April - Easter Sunday

St Michael's - 8:00am              St Brendan's 9:30am





St Brendan's

St Michael's


9:30 am

no mass


9:30 am

no mass


9:30 am

no mass

Sat Vigil

5:30 PM

5:30 PM


9:30 am

8:00 am




Saturday 4:30pm (or by appt)
Baptism By appointment
Weddings By appointment
(6 mths notice required)
Anointing of the sick By appointment
Weekday Masses Contact Parish Office



St Michael's: 69 Clarendon Road, Stanmore 2048
St Brendan's: 34 Collins Street, Annandale 2038
Parish Office/Postal Address: 34 Collins St. Annandale 2038.
Phone: 02 9550 3707.
Fax: 02 9519 2679.
Parish Priest: Fr John Milliken