As we exercise our gifts in our everyday lives we believe that God will transform our workplaces, neighbourhoods; our family and friends.

To borrow a few words from Apostle Paul, whatever we do whether in word or in action we do it all for the glory of Jesus.

We seek to value each other in our spiritual formation, and know that we cannot be the people God intended us to be without His love, mercy and grace in our lives.

Through liturgically guided worship, the Eucharist, prayer, mediating on scripture and regular community gatherings we engage with God through body, mind and spirit.

We aren’t perfect…

we don’t have it all figured out,
we know there are more questions than answers
But together we’re living for God’s presence to be our reality,
seeking to be the answer to our own prayers for personal and social transformation

We are a community of people gathered together because of our belief in and commitment to Jesus Christ.

We are present to one another as we share our joys and our sorrows, our laughter and our tears, and our pain and our hope in good times and in bad. We celebrate with one another our experiences of life and death.

It is this loving and caring presence to one another that truly makes us a church family.