The St Brendan’s and St Michael’s Parish Council provides the opportunity to share the responsibility of the whole parish life and of the whole community by: (i) discerning and responding to the needs of parish and community; (ii) co-ordinating activities of parish organizations; (iii) endeavouring to involve the whole of the parish in the work of the Church in response to the present and future needs; (iv) being a means of fostering a sense of community in the parish; (v) being a vehicle for communication between all parishioners of St Brendan’s and St Michael’s as well as liaison between parish and archdiocesan bodies; and (vi) evaluating its projects and the parish finances.

Parish Council members

Parish Staff
  • Fr John Milliken
  • Zina Pappalardo
  • Kelley Daley
St Brendan’s
  • Paul Alves
  • Prue Cook
  • Cathie Edlington
  • Jennifer Fraser
  • Darren Frost
  • Paula Ryan
  • Richard Taylor (leave of absence)
  • Justin Young
St Michael’s
  • Will McBride
  • Angela O’Brien
Ex Officio – School Staff
  • St Brendan’s Principal Jo Bright
  • St Michael’s Principal Allison Travers
  • St Brendan’s and St Michael’s Family Educator Leonie Duck

Parish Council constitution and minutes